We’re supercharging conveyancing searches, to make home buying faster and easier for all of us.

Moving house is one of the three most stressful events in our lives. We want to make it easier for all.

Stress Free

That’s why we’ve set out to free conveyancers and their clients from today’s inefficient and stressful conveyancing searches. By making searches dynamic, digital and delay-free, we intend to remove home-buying from the 'Top 5 most stressful life events' lists for good.

Our Team

The experience and vision to
revolutionise conveyancing reporting

Martello is an independent company whose expert team has experience across geo-engineering, data design and analysis, product development and conveyancing.

Dr. Henry Crosby
Co-Founder & CEO
Adam Rogers
Co-Founder & CTO
Jess Green
chief commercial officer
Chris Taylor
Environmental Specialist
Eleanor Daniel
Senior Geospatial Analyst
Dominik Žulovec Sajovic
Senior Data Engineer
Ying-Chih Lin
Software Developer
Megan Wright
Graduate Geospatial Data Analyst
Rob Crosby
Operations Manager and Data Analytics Support

Customer Stories

See what our
customers are saying

  • "We really enjoy working with the team at Martello. They’re always available, open to collaborate and their Environmental reports are simple to use, easy to order and concise, which I love!"

    Adele Sagar
    Founder and Director
    Elan Convey

  • "Martello's enviro+climate report is concise and easy-to-follow. The team at Martello are also always available, helpful, and knowledgeable."

    David Francetti

  • "Martello are going about this the right way, they focus on the conveyancer and the problems that we face during and following the search process. Their new environmental report is concise, simple to follow and allows us to refresh and interrogate the data any time.  It is truly unique as an offering compared with other products available to lawyers."

    Simon David
    Chief Executive
    Thomas Legal