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Environmental Searches for Conveyancers

Independent environmental searches. With all the data you need to automate reporting, save time and reduce errors.

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  • "Martello are going about this the right way, they focus on the conveyancer and the problems that we face during and following the search process. Their new environmental report is concise, simple to follow and allows us to refresh and interrogate the data any time.  It is truly unique as an offering compared with other products available to lawyers."

    Simon David
    Chief Executive
    Thomas Legal

  • "We really enjoy working with the team at Martello. They’re always available, open to collaborate and their Environmental reports are simple to use, easy to order and concise, which I love!"

    Adele Sagar
    Founder and Director
    Elan Convey

  • "Martello's enviro+climate report is concise and easy-to-follow. The team at Martello are also always available, helpful, and knowledgeable."

    David Francetti

  • "[Martello's] comprehensive environmental reports are incredibly detailed and easy to understand. The ability to refresh reports right up to the exchange has been invaluable, reducing risk and ensuring our clients have the most up-to-date information. Their interactive and machine-readable formats save us significant time and reduce errors. The support from the Martello team has been outstanding; they are always available and knowledgeable, providing us with a sense of security and trust. I highly recommend Martello."

    Jamie Cole
    Sail Legal

  • "Using various search companies, we frequently encountered delays and unclear reports, causing frustration and extended conveyancing timelines. A friend recommended Martello, and their Enviro report has truly broken the mold. Martello delivers search results much faster, and their user-friendly reports allow our conveyancers to provide accurate information to clients promptly. This efficiency accelerates transaction completion. Martello's innovative approach has been a significant advantage for our legal practice."

    Ieuan Haywood
    Hennah Haywood Law

  • "We have found ease in ordering [martello] reports and also the lay out and information contained therein has made a real change to our business. We now get very few queries or questions from our clients since the report is easy to understand. Our staff have unanimously commented that its user friendly and takes far less time to deal with compared with providers we have used before."

    Stuart Forsdike

Our data

Pre-processed and pre-checked
geospatial data

  • 100,000+

    Pre-processed data sets

  • 100+

    Data sources directly accessed

  • 30 Million

    Searches checked against properties

  • 1

    1 Easy-to-navigate file

Our Mission

We’re supercharging environmental searches to make home buying easier for all of us.

We’re an independent, expert team with a background in geospatial engineering, environmental assessment and data design.

We know conveyancers are not environmental consultants, and that they have better things to do than to take on the risk and liability associated with trying to be one, so we set them and their clients free with more upfront information, meaningful advice, and clear expert guided next steps.

How Martello works

We put conveyancers in
control of their searches

Onboard simply and order reports directly or via your reseller

Save time and reduce errors with instant, database-driven reports

Easily interrogate our interactive reports

View unique data on site levels

Keep clients informed faster and with an easy-to-share HTML link (or PDF)

Reduce risk with refreshed reports – right up to exchange

Automate your reporting with our raw data and save hours of admin

White-label reports to make them your own

Get responsive senior support as soon as you need it